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Ice Cup

  • Our CSLA Skincare Ice Cup is used for ice application to skin. There are 3 main benefits to icing the skin. 

    The ice is so cold it slightly damages the top layer of skin, like a natural exfoliation. Then, whatever skincare product you put on next penetrates deeper.

    Similar to a sports injury when you put ice on something, it'll bring down the redness and inflammation. This is especially great for breakouts and cysts.

    A perfect anti-aging/preventative technique. When you put meat in the freezer, it preserves it. It does the same thing for your skin.

  •  Remove plug and fill almost to the top with water. Push the plug back in and place the cup in the freezer. Once frozen, wait a few minutes or roll it under water to 'unglue' the top just the first time, and roll the ice on your skin. Do not hold the ice in one spot for a long period of time, this can burn like heat. Keep the ice moving.
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